estimating challenges

The quality of information provided for estimating purposes can be varied in my world. The information can be dis-jointed and presented in an unfriendly format which presents us with some challenges.

So in order to connect the dots so to speak and build up elements for costing and other variables, I turn to microsoft access to create tables for the provided information and also to build up the picture the way the form of tender asks.

So next timw your creating an elaborate estimating workbook in excel, consider access also.

access / vba in demand


Access / vba skills are still very much in demand.

A lot of investment , insurance and similar organisations very much favour the rapid application development style of Microsoft Access accompanied with vba, which can give results quickly and usually provide a business case for upscaling into longer term projects and applications that can sit on a Sql server platform enviroment, which isn’t too much aggrevation from Access.

Jobs utilizing these skills in the city are offering up to 50k per annum on average plus any benefits.

Distraction from quality content you are providing

It has recently come to my attention from a brilliant online community forum post that sidebars and widgets that feature as part of blog posting can distract the reader from taking in the content of the post itself. This then leaves your call to action somewhat stranded on the beach in the readers head. As such it’s worth reviewing the call to action / conversion you are trying to achieve and allowing the post to be read.

Such tactics as redesigning the sidebars, increasing white space or even losing the sidebars altogether are an option. Achieving that fine balance is key for quality, SEO and your conversions.

Welcome to the Linear Solutions blog

Welcome to the linear Blog where I will be hopefully posting useful information and insight into what I come across day to work with challenges of web projects and solutions to hopefully inspire you also and if you are interested to contact me to use on projects , which would be a bonus.

Like business, its important to embrace it as a work in progress and ever will be, To think otherwise will be your downfall. I welcome comments on my posts and strongly believe that there should be a balanced benefit to contributors of quality content, that I will arrange for comments to be do follow using a fair mechansim.